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Permanent Makeup is a unique method that carefully inserts cosmetic ink into the skin's top layer. It's designed to craft naturally stunning eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner, offering an enhanced, natural appearance without the need for daily makeup. We collaborate closely with every client to achieve the ideal shape and color tailored specifically for YOU!

Permanent Makeup Pigment Removal
Price: $200 
Clients must attend 3-6 session for optimal results.

Brows, Lips, Eyeliner


First Session: $475 

Second Session (Touch Up): $125

Laying Down the Foundation

     1st visit we will map out your brows/eyeliner according to your bone structure, choose your color and lay the foundation of a gorgeous brows/eyeliner!

Touch Up

     On your 2nd visit, your touch up visit, we will make any adjustments needed to the shape & color. 

     2nd visit is 100% necessary, and your procedure is not considered to be complete until you are touched up.

What Clients Say
"Chris did a beautiful job restoring my brows back to my younger years.  She is a wonderful permanent makeup artist!  I don't hesitate a minute to recommend her"

~Terri W
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