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NO DIRECT sun 2 weeks before procedure. (Please apply SPF even after healed for best results!)

NO lip fillers or injections less than 30 days prior to your visit


NO Rentinol or Retin-A treatments less than 30 days prior to visit


NO micro dermabrasion or chemical peels less than 30 days prior to visit


STOP all blood thinning medications and vitamins 3-7 days prior to your procedure.

We suggest consulting your doctor before booking* 



NO CAFFEINE or alcohol 24 hours prior to your procedure. 

NO exercising, hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, etc. for 3-5 days following your appointment 


NO plucking or tweezing brows before your appointment. 


NO makeup or pencil on your treated area for 5 days after procedure.  Makeup applicators carry bacteria and can cause an infection. 


*We recommend taking a Benadryl an hour before your appointment. 


*Please arrive with a fresh clean face, moisturizer only. 


*Bring in a picture of how you like to wear your brows/lips/eyeliner so that we can see the shape & color you like.  

*If you're getting eyeliner and wear contacts, please do not wear them to the appointment!


*Dress warm and cozy, it stays cool in the PMU room. You are welcome to bring in a small lap blanket to cover up with. Also, you're welcome to bring earbuds for music or podcast if you'd like! 

What Clients Say
"Chris did a beautiful job restoring my brows back to my younger years.  She is a wonderful permanent makeup artist!  I don't hesitate a minute to recommend her"

~Terri W
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