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Eyeliner Hands on Class

In this Eyeliner Hands on six-hour class, created for experienced PMU Artists can enhance their skills through a one-day immersive experience. With live model demonstrations and hands-on practice, this technique offers valuable education for those seeking to elevate their craft. Ink and needles provided along with training manual.


One Year, Hands-on Mentorship & Apprenticeship

With our one-year, hands-on mentorship and apprenticeship course, you will learn color theory, needle theory, proper consultation, sanitization, and the ins and outs of running a successful permanent makeup business. Designed to help you work while studying and obtaining your tattoo license, our program provides comprehensive training for aspiring professionals. After 3 to 6 months, you will be able to work on live models for a small model fee, which will be applied to your monthly tuition.

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Lip Blushing Hands on Class

This six-hour hands-on class is perfect for experienced PMU artists looking to expand their services and gain valuable education. With the opportunity to observe a live model as well practice the techniques yourself, you'll leave feeling confident and skilled in lip blushing. Ink & neddles provided along with training manual.


Powder Brow Course

Learn the art of Powder Brow Permanent Makeup through our intensive 3-day course, where you will receive comprehensive training in color theory, skin anatomy, mapping, tools, proper needle depth and brow shaping techniques, along with valuable insights on proper consultation. Practice your skills on one observation model and one hands-on model to kickstart your career in the field of Permanent Makeup. Start up kit & manual provided


Brow Mapping Refresher Class

In this four-hour Brow Mapping Refresher Class, for experienced PMU Artist, you'll gain the knowledge to identify bone structure, skin type, and dominant muscle tones, enabling you to enhance the natural beauty of your clients with uplifting results. You will have the opportunity to map on one to two live models during class. Supplies are provided as well as training manual.

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